Our King & Queens

We have 4 amazing Queens; Khaleesi, Jilly, Zoey, & Abbi

Please visit “Our Gallery” our “Our Facebook Page” to see examples of the markings our Queens throw.  Click the picture to see full size and scroll.

“Khaleesi” is a beautiful TICA Seal Point with blue eyes and a very distinctive face.  She is very sweet & cuddly and loves people.

Khaleesi or “Leesi” is VERY ENERGETIC, her hobbies include running on her wheel as you can see in many of our videos, and teaching her kids how to run on the wheel also. She is a very talented jumper with amazing aerobatic skills.  She is a mama’s girl and spoiled rotten.

“Jilly Bean’s” is a very sweet blue point calico.  She will carry on the “Bug” & “Loki” Legacy.  She has Loki’s beautiful ice blue eyes and Bug’s everything else.
She is a mini Bug.

“Zoey Marie” is a loving and energetic seal point calico and continues Loki & Khaleesi’s legacy.  She has her daddy’s ice-blue eyes and her mom and dad’s points.  She’s an avid hunter and enjoys daily gymnastics sessions with her mom.

“Abbigail Piper” is our newest Queen.  Her skin is so amazing.  Her energetic playfulness keeps the entire house at constant play.

Our amazing solid blue Sphynx “King Eli” has amazing “Smooth” skin and together with our Queens, he contributes to an amazing skin coat as well as a sweet disposition.  

His first litter with Khaleesi gave us black and blue females.