Kitten Application

If you’re interested in a kitten please use the below online form to get started.

Our pricing may change periodically but you will always lock in the price at the time you place your deposit!

Area 51 Kitten Application Interview
Address (where kitten would reside)
Please Understand that reading these pages is a requirement for your application to be approved. If you have not already please go read those pages and return to this application once you have read those pages. It will save us both some time. Thank You.
Please understand that due to the importance of diet on the health of our babies and our passion for raw feeding, we may deny applications that do not plan to continue feeding a raw diet. We know that many families feed other diets and love their cats and is not a judgement because we have not always fed a raw diet either. We are also available to assist any families that desire to feed raw but are intimidated by it. Feeding raw saves money and definitely resolves numerous health issues and skin conditions as well.
Do you understand that if you are approved and send a deposit and contract you will be contacted as soon as we feel you will have choices from upcoming babies or at the latest when babies are about 1 month old so you would still have 2 months before scheduled pickup. You may choose from the available kittens or pass until the next litter and may continue to pass until the perfect kitten is available. Your reservation will never expire ("UNLESS" you choose a kitten and then "BACK OUT" or "FAIL TO PICKUP AS PROMISED" then it will immediately be void.) In fact you will continue to climb our list until you are eventually getting pick from each litter. We want the kitten and timing for home placement to be perfect for you and your baby and a wonderful forever home is our goal. *